keno  Keno, he sure was cute. Over and over again, he dropped his toy in front of me, catching it back as soon as I tried to pick it up. Sometimes I was to fastfor him and throw it away. He than ran behind it and started te game again. Because he's old, he was only allowed to do this a couple of times a day. He didn't care and could do this the whole day. Even when I was in the cage next door, he was waiting for me behind the fence. IMG 3282small Bubbles napoleon  Poor Napoleon ! He had a tough life and now he's so old and stiff. It took some time for him to get up and he could hardly walk, but he is sweet and loved to be petted. I couldn't help thinking of him as an old Max. Will he be like that when he's old ?
roscoe  My dear Roscoe. After I walked him in the morning I decide to take him for an outing. He was the sweetest guy and we walked the whole afternoon through Kanab. When we went back, he was stretched out on the back seat of the car and he just went out of it when we arrived back home. 101009 020small 101009 037small 101009 060
Enzo Amos  Good old Amos. One of the old friends. Walking with him was such a special event. He walked a few steps and than laid down. He even turned on his back to get his belly rubbed ! This was repeated a couple of times. My fellow volunteers had to wait till he was willing to get up. At the end, he started to get naughty and payed with his belt and even 'ran' a little ! Scurry  Little Scurry with his short leg ! Every time  I sticked my hand through the fence, he started licking my hand like crazy. A really sweet little fellow. Aurora
Chimes at Angels rest  A chime for every dog that rest here. The constant sound of the chimes makes you feel something that's difficult to describe.They say that when an animal from Best Friends dies, they kick up a trail as they run over the bridge to the other side, and that in turn causes the wind to rush into the canyon and blow against all the chimes in Angels Rest. After spending just a few minutes there, I believe it. It's a very special place, and words don't do it justice. gate  The gate to Angels Rest, the cemetery at Best Friends. An impressive and magical place. The story goes that every time a dog is burried, the chimes wil sound, wind or no wind. Angels Rest Enzo2
Stella chaka  Not a great picture but what a great dog ! Chaka was one of the dogs I took for an outing. On the dirt road, she insist in sitting on my lap ! She was so sweet and funny ! We had a great time together. As with the other dogs I went with for an outing, it made me feel sad when I had to bring her back and leave her in dogtown.